Who is eligible for free NHS dental treatment?

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You are entitled to free NHS dental treatment, including check-ups, if you are:

  • Under 18 or aged 19 and in full time education at the start of the treatment;
  • In receipt of income support, income-based jobseeker’s allowance  (JSA), pension credit (guarantee credit) or, from 27 October 2008,      income-related employment and support allowance (ESA). Your partner and  dependants will also be entitled to free treatment.
  • Entitled to income support, income-based JSA, pension credit  (guarantee credit) or, from 27 October 2008, income-related ESA but are      not receiving it because your entitlement is less than 10p (for up to six  months from the date the benefit would have been payable). Your dependants will also be entitled to free treatment
  • Getting working tax credit and/or child tax credit or are named on  a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate you may be entitled to free dental treatment, depending on your income
  • Pregnant at the start of the treatment, or have had a baby during      the last twelve months, and hold a valid maternity exemption certificate.  This includes women who have had a miscarriage after the 24th week of      pregnancy, or whose baby was stillborn
  • A war pensioner. If you are a war pensioner you may get a refund of  dental charges for treatment needed because of a disability for which you get a pension
  • You are an out-patient of an NHS Hospital Dental Service or a      patient of the Community Dental Service (this is a service available for     people who have difficulty getting treatment because of disability or for      other reasons). There may be a charge for dentures and bridges.

If you are entitled to free NHS dental treatment you should be prepared to provide evidence in support of your claim. Your dental practice is legally obliged to ask to see evidence and to make a record if satisfactory evidence is not supplied. The dentist will ask you to sign a form when you go for