What materials are used to make a dental crown?

Dental Crown

There are a number of materials that can be used to make a crown due to developments in dental technology. The more popular materials for crowns are:

Porcelain bonded to precious or non-precious metal: this is where a crown is made by with a precious or non-precious metal base which then has porcelain is applied in layers over it.

Porcelain crowns: this is where a crown has been made entirely out of porcelain, these aren’t as strong as bonded crowns, they normally look very natural and are commonly used for front teeth.

All-ceramic crowns: these crowns are made from some of the latest developments in dental technology and are metal free. They have the strength of a bonded crowns and the appearance of a porcelain crown.

Gold alloy crowns: gold is one of the oldest filling materials. Today it is used with other metals to increase its strength, which makes it a very hard-wearing restoration.