Dental Chromes

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1Dental chromes are a type of partial denture made from medically-approved cobalt chrome, or a hybrid of cobalt chrome and nylon resin.  They are used as a substitute for one of more missing teeth where some natural teeth remain, to provide continued oral function and preservation of the facial form.

Dental chrome partial dentures are superior to plastic partial dentures because they are stronger and less likely to fracture, making them more permanent.  Also, dental chromes are smaller and can be designed so that they leave the palate uncovered, allowing patients to enjoy the flavours of their food and communicate as normal without denture bulk impeding these functions.  Dental chrome partial dentures also ensure that gums stay healthier because the biting force is shared between the gums and the remaining teeth.

Dental chromes are custom designed to fit the patient’s mouth.  They clip onto natural teeth with clasps and incorporate rests on the mouth, meaning the dentures are held firm without any damaging up and down movement.  This lowers the risk of irritation in the mouth.

Overall dental chrome partial dentures allow patients to benefit from snug-fitting dentures designed for their needs, giving them comfortable teeth replacement with lasting results.