Anti snoring devices

Anti Snoring Device

Anti snoring devices are used to prevent people from snoring during their sleep and disturbing both themselves and their bed partners.  Because there can be many causes behind snoring, there are several different types of anti snoring devices that dental laboratories can produce.

If snoring originates in the mouth, a vestibular shield can help to reduce its occurrence.  Vestibular shields are plastic devices similar in appearance to gum shields, which fit inside the patient’s mouth and block the flow of air. This forces the patient to breathe through their nose, preventing them from opening their mouth and snoring.

If snoring occurs due to the base of the tongue vibrating, the anti snoring device known as a mandibular advancement device (MAD) or mandibular repositioning splint (MRS) can help.  The MAD holds the lower jaw and tongue forward, increasing the space at the back of the throat and reducing the narrowing of the airway.  This allows the patient more space to breathe and can prevent snoring.

An inexpensive MAD can be bought for cases of simple snoring without any breathing difficulties.  However, if the patient’s snoring is associated with breathing difficulties such as sleep apnoea, it is recommended that the MAD is made specifically to prescription by a dental specialist using impressions of the patient’s teeth and jaw.