Acrylic partial dentures


Acrylic partial dentures are used to replace missing teeth and prevent the appearance of spaces between the remaining teeth due to extraction or movement.

As one of the oldest denture types on the market, they are relatively low in cost compared to other dentures and require a shorter time to fabricate. The process of creating a plastic partial denture is made up of pink sets of replacement teeth or gum-coloured acrylic resin. This creates a mould of a patients teeth allowing a dental technician to create the missing teeth.

Metal rests are sometimes used to strengthen the acrylic and prevent the denture from exerting excess pressure on the gums while chewing. To attach the partial acrylic denture to the rest of the teeth, wired clamps are used and built around the remaining natural teeth.

A disadvantage of acrylic partial dentures  is they can be thick or bulky for some patients, while others consider them weaker compared to other denture alternatives.

However acrylic partial dentures are still considered to be very popular for many denture wearers and have the ability to improve speech and make chewing and speaking more comfortable.